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The WoodSongs' tech crew is here to help!

Archive Tips (this is not for the podcast.... podcast info here)

Having trouble with the WoodSongs Archives? Our cyber-Lord JEROME GALLT checks the files almost everyday. Very often, the problem is not on our server but the kind of software you might be using.
Here are some tips from Jerome:

1. Are you using reasonably current versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player? The WMP version is particularly important because we encode the audio and video shows with Windows Media 8 codecs. If your player doesn't support these codecs (only older versions wouldn't), you get errors that don't always tell you much about the problem.

2. Are you able to watch any other streaming media files from other sites on the internet? I suspect that your web administrator may have recently disabled streaming media on your network. Tech geeks (I include myself in this broad category) tend to get bent out of shape about using up valuable"bandwidth" on the network for things like Woodsongs. You might want to send him/her an e-mail saying that there are important "business" videos you need to access for "professional development" purposes that you currently cannot access. This is called lying for a good cause:) You might get a response about why/if streaming media has been disabled.

3. Try opening up Windows Media Player independently from Internet Explorer.
Go to File --> Open URL --> type in

http://www.msc.uky.edu/woodsongs-audio/256hi.wma and see if the show plays. If it does, then the problem is with Internet Explorer and possibly a proxy server being used for internet access at your work place.

4. If all else fails, put on a big shoe and kick the cr*p out of your PC.

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