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ARTIST SUBMISSIONS - PLEASE- Read This Before You Send In Your CD/Press Kit

Dear Fellow Artists,

I created the live audience, multi-media event of WOODSONGS on the belief that grassroots artists, collectively, had an audience bigger than Garth Brooks and Bruce Springsteen. Think of it - thousands of musicians, songwriters, bands and folkies travel the earth searching for their audience, making a living and selling their CD's. The only thing missing was a global stage that would introduce these hard working artists to the huge audience that was obviously supporting all of them. Woodsongs exists on the principal that the audience cares. The audience is interested. And the audience will always respond to good art.

Artists are chosen to appear on our stage are selected because they are good. End of story. Fame, commercial success or lack there-of, who you know, who you opened for, whether you are on a label or are releasing your own CD, what famous artist used the same mixing board you recorded your latest CD on and who manages you means NOTHING.

I say it often on the show and I mean it, "You don't have to be Famous to be on WoodSongs . . . you have to be Good!"

Keep in mind that WoodSongs is NOT a concert. Several hundred people are in our theatre to WATCH a radio show get produced. The show is equally divided between two artists, giving each artist three on-air song performances. Song lengths, to be fair, need to be about 3 1/2 minutes long. WoodSongs is an acoustic performance program mixed with conversation. BILLBOARD MAGAZINE described the show as "A Prairie Home Companion meets Conan O'Brien." If you are not familiar with our show, we encourage you to visit our archives and listen to an on-line broadcast before submitting.

One more thing: We don't pay you anything.

I don't get a penny for this. Our chief engineer Kevin Johnson, the 32 member WoodSongs Crew and the cyber-dude who built this website aren't paid anything either. A local hotel will put you up for free, local restaurants will feed you and our show goes out free-of-charge to radio. You can sell your CDs to the audience after the show and we will even help you do that. Most importantly, however, you will be introducing your music and your art to over 1,100,000 radio listeners on 491+ radio stations in many countries... plus global internet, public television nationwide, full online archiving, MP3 & MP4 podcasting.

The WOODSONGS OLD TIME RADIO HOUR is a global, artist-driven coffeehouse that is reaching out to the HUGE grassroots music audience.

And we are very hopeful you can be part of it!

Michael Johnathon
folksinger - tree hugger & fellow road warrior
How to submit your material.
If this sounds like something for you and you feel you can be in Lexington, Kentucky on a Monday when we tape our show, submit TWO CDs and a press kit with a brief cover letter to:

attn: submissions
PO Box 200 Lexington KY 40588

Please be patient, it may take a while for us to respond but we promise that your package will be reviewed and considered seriously. In the meantime, you can support our show and the intent behind it by crosslinking your site with ours and encourage your fans to log on to the webcast.

Are you about to appear on Woodsongs?  
LINK TO OUR PAGE and send an email to your fans telling them about the live webcast!

Send an email to your friends.... like this one:

Dear Fans and Friends,

We are taping the worldwide broadcast of the WOODSONGS OLD-TIME RADIO HOUR on (date). Here's the neat thing about it: The radio show is also a live multi-cameras webcast and you can watch the entire production plus encore performances free. Just log on as dial up or high-speed 6:45pm est via woodsongs.com and check it out! NOTE: You can also win a Deering Banjo just by watching the webcast.

The link is http://www.woodsongs.com/wotrh.htm


Also, something that might help your career is placing a song from your new CD on the ACOUSTIC RAINBOW SAMPLER. This will introduce your music and your new album to over 1,286 DJs who program acoustic based, grassroots music. Click here for details . . .


Our PODCAST PLAYER has moved to the WoodSongs Listening Room. Enjoy over 100 shows in stereo streaming glory. It's easy, It's fun and it's FREE!

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