Welcome to your hometown chapter of the WoodSongs Coffeehouse!

You know, when we first started the radio show, I never imagined that we would be on the air all over the world.

Now, we are taking the next step and helping folks across the USA and Canada bring the spirit of the broadcast into their hometowns. The WoodSongs Coffeehouse is, simply put, just for you . . . your community, your artists, your audience, your hometown radio station. All of you can work together to create a presentation of grassroots music in a fun, entertaining atmosphere that is respectful of the audience and the artists at the same time.

And you’re not alone . . . WoodSongs Coffeehouses are springing up all over the country. Just think, each month, while you attend the coffeehouse in your hometown, dozens of other cities are doing the exact same thing! What a great way to celebrate this vital, exciting and growing musical artform, whether it’s folk, blues, bluegrass, country, old-timey or new singer-songwriters.

To make things run smoothly and stay organized, we've come up with the necessary written agreement so that everyone will run the WoodSongs Coffeehouse with the same spirit of intent. The agreement basically does the following, but in the normal lawyer-boring language that, frankly, I have a hard time reading anyway :)

  1. We will never ask you for money
  2. We will give you the right to use the WoodSongs name in relation to the coffeehouse at no charge
  3. You promise to hold the coffeehouse consistently
  4. You promise to run a clean show that families can attend if they choose, you won't damage the reputation of the WoodSongs name and you will be fair with the artists who play the coffeehouse

Download the contract:

How these four little points end up in a long contract I have no idea, but click here if you want download the pdf version of the contract.

Well, that’s all I have to say . . time for me to pick up my guitar and banjo and hit the road. Thanks for coming to the WoodSongs Coffeehouse and for tuning in to the weekly broadcast of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour!

e-mail Michael at michael@woodsongs.com

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