Starting a WoodSongs Coffeehouse is easy.

Click here to download our free 8-page PDF start up manual!


Basically here's the STEP BY STEP:

Find a clean, respectable coffeehouse, club or venue with a wholesome reputation that is easily accessible to the public. Many times you can use a school auditorium or church as a venue. There may already be a coffeehouse, health food store, club, church, music store, cyber cafe or small theater in your hometown that already presents music that would be eager to participate. Many venues will be glad to work with you just to get folks into the room.

The venue should seat 50 or more folks comfortably. We recommend nothing over a 200-seat capacity to start. Oftentimes, the venue will take a small percentage of the ticket price or simply be happy with all the food and drinks they will sell.


You need a working sound system with mics (we like Shure 58 for vocals, Shure 57 for instruments), amplification and speakers (The MACKIE systems are wonderful, so is the EV and JBL/EON pa's). Most venues that already present live music have a sound system in place that you can use. Often, a local music store or pawn shop will trade underwriting with your host station to provide a PA for the coffeehouse free of charge.

By working with a nearby radio affiliate of the national broadcast of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, you are supporting your coffeehouse and your local station at the same time.

Visit our list of WoodSongs Affiliate Stations and call the program director of the station nearest you. Tell them you want to work with their station to set up a local hometown chapter of the WoodSongs Coffeehouse. Promote the event on the air as WXYZ presents the WoodSongs Coffeehouse featuring..."

No stations in your area carry the show? Contact us and we can help!

Once you have the venue selected, the sound system secured and the local radio station on board to help out, contact us to arrange for the WoodSongs Coffeehouse agreement to be signed (this gives you the right to use the name and logo "WoodSongs" as it relates to the WoodSongs Coffeehouse).

Then, PICK YOUR FIRST DAY TO START! We highly recommend working with a radio affiliate of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour to find artists and to promote the events. The station can select local artists from their playlist, good artists from the region or artists traveling through your area that have already appeared on the national broadcast of the Wood5ongs Old-TIme Radio Hour.