WS_CREW_AWARDBecome a Woodsongs Crew Member

WoodSongs is always looking to add to its volunteer crew family. No experience necessary, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You could end up running a TV camera, rolling cable, set up backstage, working the lobby with the audience, setting up the stage or helping out with the webcast. Our crew is one of the best in the radio industry, it’s a great opportunity … and a lot of fun!

Our “rules” are simple:

We will always keep our promise to you and you always keep your promise to us. Crew members get to attend every show free of charge, hang out with good looking and interesting people and meet national level musicians and songwriters. We even give you our nifty, black WoodSongs Crew Shirt with our show logo embroidered on it.

To become a WoodSongs Crew member, email:



Lyric Lobby Musicians

WoodSongs is always looking to add to its roster of musicians that perform in the lobby and welcome the hundreds of audience members to the beautiful Lyric Theater. We have discovered some amazing musicians of all kinds: flute trios, dulcimer players, singers, songwriters, bluegrass and more. You will be performing on a volunteer basis and need to be at the Lyric Theater about 6PM on Mondays and you get to stay for the evening broadcast taping for free. Contact Mary DeMattina for more information:



woodsongs crewWe Need Some Help, Here!

CLOSED CAPTIONING: if you have a home computer, enjoy listening to WoodSongs and know how to type you can be part of our closed captioning team. You will be helping the hearing impaired enjoy WoodSongs and do about one show per month. We send you a DVD of a broadcast and you type up everything said in the hour. Simple! Then you email the Word document back to us.

CLOSED CAPTIONING Editor: this wonderful person will take the Word document, listen to the same show and double check it for missed words, errors, etc.

Interested? Send an email to:



Our WoodSongs Family

Executive Producer
Michael Johnathon

Chief Audio Engineer
Jerome Gallt

WoodSongs Crew Captain:
Roz Heise

Technical Assistants:
Bryan Klausing, stage manager  Brandon Eaves, asst audio engineer 

Eric Anderson, Ryan Zencka, Zach Buhler, Nathan Eisenberg

Directors for Public Television
Kamilla Olsen, TV Captain,

Doug Smart, Mike White, Matt Citak
Josh Heese, Jim Piston, Steve Matthews

Technical Directors
Steve Matthews, Greg Pursifful, David Bingham

WoodSongs TV crew:
Kamilla Olsen, Kurt Jefferson, Maria Klarich, Emily Comfort, Collin McSweeney, Zac Conley, Josh Heese, Matthew Lind, Ryan Cooley and Chris Browning.

Webcast, Archives & Editing
Jerome “Cyber Boy” Gallt
Kris Cheney, Erin Beyer, Steve Matthews ,John Bacon

On-Air Announcers:
Dorothy Edwards, Joe Conkwright
John Hingsbergen, Roger Duvall

The “WS” Volunteer Crew:
Dave Devos, David Bingham, Sylvia Davis, Mary DeMattina, Larry Neuzel, Leonard Gay, David Wormley, Catherine Jydstrup, Zach Buhler, Tim Wisner, Amelia Wisner, Nathan Eisenberg, Buck Hart, Wallace “Goose” Marshall, Mary Pat Wheeler, Ruth Adams, Sarah Likens, Seth Kinder, Ryan Droege, Kevin Campbell, Rashawn Fleming, Jennifer Little, Elizabeth Grossman, Phillip Webb, Palmer Tolly, Wesley Hammond, Brandon Ivanchak, and Judge Ray Corns.

Master Web Designer:
Ian Hart

Radio Affiliate Liaison:
Bryan Klausing