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Dear Friends & Fans of WOODSONGS,

In 2012, our goal is to enhance and improve our broadcast so that we can rise up to the challenge - and level - of the music we are presenting. Even though WoodSongs is all-volunteer run it still takes a great amount of resources to keep the show growing. Hey, it costs a LOT to work for FREE!

WoodSongs is sponsored by you, the audience ... not big corporations. So, we are inviting the audience to directly help improve our show:

We need to turn the WoodSongs TV broadcast into a high-definition program.

Recently, all TV stations converted to digital broadcasting. The next level will be when PBS-TV stations start broadcasting as HD, or High Definition. WoodSongs is only basic, standard def. If we don't move now we will begin losing this massive TV base we have achieved. Staying standard-def would be no different than if we stayed mono while the rest of the world turned stereo.

We must upgrade ... soon. So, we are trying to raise $180,000 to buy the hi-tech gear, switchers, lights, lenses and cameras we need to make WoodSongs the biggest, the best, the most successful broadcast of its kind in the world.

  • Become a WoodSongs Partner!
  • make an easy PayPal or Credit Card right now by clicking the DONATE button
  • call us at 859-255-5700 or email radio@woodsongs.com
  • mail your support payable to: WoodSongs, PO Box 200, Lexington KY 40588


 To be clear: WoodSongs is thriving, healthy and doing great - we simply need to make it BETTER ... as fast as possible. Somewhere out there is a music-loving angel reading this who can become the biggest "WoodSongs Partner" ever. Every dollar counts. You can make a small, medium or legacy donation into WoodSongs, Inc (501-c-3) and take a tax credit.

WoodSongs HDTV Drive 2012

Our PODCAST PLAYER has moved to the WoodSongs Listening Room. Enjoy over 100 shows in stereo streaming glory. It's easy, It's fun and it's FREE!

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