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MICHAEL JOHNATHON BIOGRAPGHY: Growing up in NY, he was Pete Seeger’s neighbor. Now settled in the foothills of Appalachia, the Kentucky-based songwriter is a prolific artist with ten released albums, two published books and several national projects under his belt. He’s the touring, log cabin dwelling, organic gardening, front porch banjo picking, Martin guitar playing host of WoodSongs. To book Michael Johnathon in concert contact the Loretta Sawyer Agency in Chicago, IL. Visit his website for a full bio:, Email: radio@woodsongs

“Take the melodic voice of John Denver the inventiveness of Bob Dylan, add the showmanship of Garrison Keillor and that’s Michael Johnathon.” Bob Spear, Heartland Review

“Michael Johnathon is the last of a dying breed of musicians who takes their craft so much to heart as to commit the entirety of their lives to the pursuit of achieving musical purity. For his most recent album, the live-from-the-road effort Looking Glass, Johnathon has presented a body of work that captures such a breadth of North American folk music that it is in every respect a step back in time to an era both simpler and infinitely more complex than the challenges presented by the twenty-first century.”  Online Review By: Leks Maltby
“While folksinging, delightful guitar picking, and environmental concerns have defined his professional life, this popular songwriter has embraced the modern age in a very unique way. His album creates a home styled musical storytelling.”  Jonathan Widran – All Music Guide
“Michael is one of the few performers who understands that music of the future must respect the music of the past. His strong understanding of the folk tradition is a breath of fresh air in this era of cookie cutter singer-songwriters.”  Phil Shapiro, Bound for Glory


Michael Johnathon and the WoodSongs QUAD 28s Martin Guitar

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Visit Michael Johnathon’s website ( for pictures, bio information, booking and touring information, the new SongFarmer album … plus updates on the new Michael Johnathon model 0000-28s guitar from the Martin Guitar Company.



We are very excited to announce the Michael Johnathon model 0000-28s by the Martin Guitar Company of Nazareth, Pa. The guitar will be marketed as the WoodSongs QUAD 28s. Click here for details or call Bob Willcutt 859-276-0675 about the WoodSongs QUAD 28s. Ask how you can own one of the finest finger-picking, song writing, stage performing, front-porch-strumming instruments in guitar history.



Notes from Michael about the new Martin 0000-28s Guitar model:

MartinHEAD_0000“I am primarily a finger-style guitarist and play 12-fret slot head Martin guitars exclusively. Always have. Here’s why: on a normal guitar when you strum a G chord you hear the wash of the chord tones. On the wider neck 12-fret Martin when you strum the same chord your hear the bell-like tones of the notes making up the chord. The clarity can be breath taking. It was those silver and golden bell-like tones merged with power and volume I was hoping for when thinking about the WoodSongs QUAD 28s.
The 0000 body size is part of the guitar’s power. Bigger than the 000 and slightly smaller than a dreadnought it gives the best of both worlds. On the larger guitars like a D-35, the instrument sounds awesome in the room but every sound man on the planet has to EQ the low end down when you stand onstage. That alters the sound of the instrument dramatically, no matter what. The 000 size sounds perfect but the smaller body size makes you look like Gigantor. Thus, the slightly larger 0000-28s body of the WoodSongs QUAD. The bass strings have crisp power and the high strings have the silvery bell tones of a beautiful instrument.

And the WoodSongs QUAD has natural volume and a long, clean sustain. It’s a finger picking cannon, a pro instrument for a serious artist and song writer. Take a visit to Willcutt Guitar Shoppe, sit yourself down in a quiet room and play one for yourself. This is truly the finest guitar I’ve ever heard and worth the effort. A guitar like this is an investment in yourself and your music.

Nothing can make a good song and a good artist sound better than a magnificent instrument like the WoodSongs QUAD 28s.”

Michael Johnathon



SEE and SAMPLE: click on the YouTube button for a 30 second preview of the Michael Johnathon 0000-28s





Test drive the guitar at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe, Rosemont Dr Lexington KY, call 859-276-0675 for information and an appointment