Folk, roots and bluegrass music is real people playing real instruments as a community. Think of it … the best music at folk and bluegrass festivals doesn’t happen onstage, it’s in the campgrounds and parking lots. Folk music, in all its forms, is best played by the members of its own audience.


The WoodSongs Front Porch Association is taking on a major initiative – to encourage folks in communities to find each other, play music together and be creative with their art. The WFPA has created “SongFarmers Music Clubs” for WFPA members¬†to host in their communities. It can be a front porch, living room, radio station performance area, local general store, school or community center. From the Hudson Valley in New York to Texas, SongFarmer clubs are springing up as we gather the global front porch community of artists and music lovers.¬† These are open, community, non-ticketed events. WE WILL HELP YOU!


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Questions? WFPA@woodsongs.com or call 859-255-5700