A: Become a member of the WFPA/SongFarmer just $25 (includes 2 tickets to the 2018 Gathering of SongFarmers)

Become a member and get 2 FREE tickets to the Gathering. Use the safe PAYPAL buttons below, which will work for any credit card, or email a PAYPAL payment to radio@woodsongs.com.

You can become a member by calling in your credit card or by mail: Send a check payable to WFPA, PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588. Questions? Call 859-255-5700 or email WFPA@WoodSongs.com

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After you have joined the WFPA:


Members must register for your FREE TICKETS to attend the Gathering of SongFarmers by EMAILING your name, address, how many attending, to WFPA@woodsongs.com OR by filling out this form:

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Be part of the front porch convetsation on the WFPA “SongFarmers” list serve. Discuss songwriting, concerts, sell an instrument, promote a concert, share ideas, discuss bluegrass, folk, old time, blues and more. You will get emails from other members now and then and be part of the grand conversation worldwide.