“Mr. Rogers meets the Grand Ole Opry!”


Filmed with a theatre audience at the historic LYRIC THEATRE in Lexington, KY. SAMPLE the premier episode, CLICK HERE or the YouTube link below

WOODSONGS KIDS is a brand new TV and RADIO series just for kids musicians and performers. BE PART OF THE WOODSONGS KIDS Fund Raising Project … for those who love the Arts, Music and Kids CLICK HERE

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PRODUCTION AT THE LYRIC THEATRE: Each night there will be TWO 30 minute episodes taped. Never before in the history of the America, the world for that matter, has the need for music, art and the spirit of the “front porch” been so needed. WOODSONGS KIDS celebrates that spirit.

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LIAM DAVID FARLEY is 13 from West Virginia. He started playing the fiddle when he was 4 years old, the style of music he plays is Appalachian and Bluegrass music, he got to go perform at the Governors Mansion as a gift forGovernor Jim Justice. He has showcased his talent in the Hatfield-McCoy tourism all over America

ALEX DAVIS is an incredible, banjo picking 10 years old, a 4th grade at North Coffee Elementary in Manchester, TN. He loves airplanes, fish and of course Banjo. A surprising and stunning talent

LILY & NOAH GOEBEL Lily s 15 years old. She sings, plays guitar, mandolin, piano and clogs. Noah Goebel is 13 years old and plays fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar. He has won state titles in Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. He is a Grandmaster Youth Fiddle Champion and has played on the Grand Ole Opry 3 times.

THE ROBERTS SISTERS are 16 year old twins who spent the last few months at Dollywood performing as Streetphonic Singers. They have appeared at Bluebird Café Nashville, The Tennessee Valley Fair and many other venues

REESE CARROLL is an 11 year old banjo player, playing the banjo since he was 7 years old.

CANDICE GUNN is 12 year old from Benton, KY. playing the guitar and yodelling since she was 5. 
CALEB HARDIN is a finger picking guitarist in the style of Chet Adkins, Tommy Emmanuel and Merle Travis. He’s 14 years old from Bowling Green, KY.
THE SINGLETON BROTHERS are a young, traditional bluegrass duo from Marion, Kentucky. The youngest brother, 13-year-old, Cash Singleton, plays mandolin and guitar and sings tenor for the duo. His older brother, Cutter Singleton, 16, sings lead and plays guitar, dobro, and banjo.
THE BROTHERS YOUNG is Ayden and Blane, are brothers playing Flatt & Scruggs style bluegrass in the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia.

PHOEBE WHITE is a 12 year old yodeller and guitar player who has just released her first album, UnXpected with RIDERS IN THE SKY and the MCLAIN FAMILY BAND.

KYLE YANG has been a classically trained pianist since 7 years old. He’s 13 years old now and amazing!

ASHLYN SMITH is flat picking guitarist in the powerful tradition of Tony Rice. She’s 12 now but has been playing guitar since she was 6 years old
EMMA-CHARLES TOWNSEND is an 1O year old performer who worked at Dollywood and won several singing competitions

SULLIVAN SISTERS is Soraya Sullivan (guitar, 6) and Luciya Sullivan (banjo, 14) hail from Evanston, Illinois , prize winners at the Galax Old Fiddlers’ Convention. 

ELLE TOWNLEY is a 14 year old from Georgetown, Texas and placed first in the Old Settler’s Music Festival Youth Talent Competition

COTTON PICKIN KIDS are six bothers and sisters (plus their Dad) from Cullman County, Alabama and play banjos, guitars, violins and harmonize beautifully with one another.
WYATT ELLIS is a 13 year old master musician from the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. His first love is mandolin plus guitar and fiddle.

OWEN BROCKMAN is a 12 year old banjo picker from Centerville, Ohio. He is a part of Tomorrows Bluegrass Stars and the IBMA Kids on Bluegrass program

IAN SHAW is a 16 year old singer songwriter from Wisconsin and plays the ukulele, and acoustic guitar.

SHE’S MY SISTER is comprised Amelia (14) and Reagan (11) Brown. Amelia plays dobro, guitar, piano, and bass fiddle. Reagan plays fiddle and mandolin.

WoodSongs Kids: A television series, filmed in theaters across the country for network television; broadcast into schools nationwide with lesson plans. WATCH BELOW the 7-minute reel below for the history of how WoodSongs Kids came to be

WOODSONGS KIDS began as a regular feature on every syndicated broadcast of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour and soon became the highest rated, most popular segment of the broadcast

WoodSongs Kids taping Jan 30 2023

WOODSONGS KIDS is powerfully unique, because the kids are powerfully unique. This will be a huge audience draw for adults and kids alike, very attractive to advertisers and network broadcasters.