PLAN A WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING on a beautiful autumn day. We will help you. Make plans to host one this fall or in 2023.

WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING is a working PICNIC for artists, painters, poets, songwriters and authors. After an afternoon of community and creating – that evening we have a potluck when the poets recite their poetry, the artists display their paintings, the authors read their short stories and the songwriters perform their new compositions. I see it as a way of bringing the community of artisans together to share creative energy and energize mutual encouragement. The events are FREE to the participating artists and FREE to the Hosts. Let’s spread these to different regions around the country!

TO HOST your own, email Madison at or CLICK HERE


COMING SUN JUNE 4, 2023 – WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING of Lexington, KY hosted by Kate Savage and Michael Johnathon, TO ATTEND AS AN ARTIST (FREE) and register CLICK HERE

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Pics of the Artist Gathering in Lexington August 14, 2022


SUN AUG 7 2022 – WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING of Louisville, KY … THIS GROUP HAS REACHED ITS SIZE LIMIT, THANK YOU! … hosted by Lee Pennington and Ron Whitehead, info

The WoodSongs Artist Gathering in Louisville

SUN SEPT 18, 2022 – WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING of Portsmouth, OH hosted by Laura Womack and Julie Biel Wangler, info

Portsmouth Ohio WoodSongs Artist Gathering

SUN OCT 9, 2022 WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING of Milford, OH hosted by Shelly West and Richard Rice, info

Part of the Artist Gathering in Mildford, OH


DATE TBS – WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING of Wilkes-Barre, PA (Bear Creek Township) hosted by Dave Gurkowski and Carla, info TBA

SUN OCT 23, 2022 – WOODSONGS ARTIST GATHERING of Lexington, KY at the Chenault Vineyards hosted by Buffy Lawson, INFO

Well done BUFFY LAWSON and fellow artists at Chenault Vineyard, a great setting!

PAINTERS: Bring your canvas or sketch pad, your easel and your paints and spend the day creating your masterpiece. POETS: Go off to a quiet place and contemplate your deepest feelings and create your epic missive. WRITERS & AUTHORS: We honor your craft, whether you are published or not. Sit under a tree and write the short story that will change culture as we know it. SONGWRITERS: Bring your instrument, pen your lyrics and write your song.

Look, it’s hard enough to be an artist so let’s get together and have a good time 🙂