Help Build a Front Porch Around the World – by encouraging Art and the Artists who make it!

The purpose is to provide much needed encouragement and community to painters, poets, songwriters and authors. It is a one day “working picnic” gathering in your hometown that starts with a 1PM dessert meet & greet, then everybody works at their craft for a few hours. At the end, about 4PM there is a pot-luck dinner, concert, poetry reading and display of the art created.

It’s that simple!


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THE HOST: should be a fellow artist or a passionate mentor, a lover of the arts.
VENUE: a pleasant, rural setting like a park, someone’s home, farm or estate. A private place works better than a public one, this way the artists will have limited distractions.

HOW MANY: their is no set number, the host decides how many. We recommend that it be EQUAL numbers of each discipline (example: 3 painters, 3 poets, etc) Some hosts have the venue and motivation for more, and that’s fine.

ARTISTS: the working picnics are FREE to those invited by the host to attend. Bring a folding chair or blanket to work on, painters bring your easel and supplies, etc. Share in the pot-luck with a dessert or meal dish, even plates and drinks are appreciated.

SCHEDULE: a typical schedule might look like this:
• 1PM the group meets for dessert and a chance to mingle. Community is everything!
• 2-4PM the group works at their craft, all created new this day
• 4PM Pot Luck dinner and a presentation “concert” when each artist gets to present
and talk about the work they created.

THE POT-LUCK: each artists is asked to bring some kind of contribution to the pot luck so it is not a burden to the host. And everybody attending should help clean up and leave the venue as clean as when it started.

COST: The WoodSongs Artist Gathering is FREE to the host and FREE to the artists.

AUDIENCE: these events are not public. Those attending are invited by the host and are for the ARTISTS, so attendance should be limited to those working and sharing their craft.

• keep the “front porch” spirit of the event. Peaceful, inclusive, encouraging.
• We highly recommend the event be Alcohol free, although we are not in the business of telling a host what they can or can not do. Since the event is rather brief, better to stay healthy and safe.
• keep the pot-luck art presentations brief, perhaps a 4-5 minute limit for each artist.
• Donations are acceptable, the host might have some costs for plates, waters, etc. A small bucket is fair to make available and let folks contribute as they feel they can without “asking.”


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