“Mr. Rogers meets the Grand Ole Opry!”

Never before in the history of the America, the world for that matter, has the need for music, art and the spirit of the “front porch” been so needed. WOODSONGS KIDS celebrates that spirit.

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WOODSONGS KIDS is a brand new TV series just for kids musicians and performers. Each night there will be TWO 30 minute episodes taped.

WoodSongs Kids: A television series, filmed in theaters across the country for network television; broadcast into schools nationwide with lesson plans. WATCH BELOW the 7-minute reel below for the history of how WoodSongs Kids came to be

WOODSONGS KIDS began as a regular feature on every syndicated broadcast of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour and soon became the highest rated, most popular segment of the broadcast

WOODSONGS KIDS will be filmed before a live theatre audience, 5-camera 16×9 4k HD at ticketed events nationwide. It is a PUBLIC TV and COMMERCIAL BROADCAST for network TV

WATCH a full 58 minute WoodSongs broadcast special event, the BEST OF WOODSONGS KIDS as broadcast on 500+ radio stations, PBS affiliates and the RFD-TV Network. Filmed from Ireland and across America, a front porch celebration of some of the most memorable WoodSongs Kids performances in the show’s history, now proposed as a stand-alone TV series.

WOODSONGS KIDS is powerfully unique, because the kids are powerfully unique. This will be a huge audience draw for adults and kids alike, very attractive to advertisers and network broadcasters.