Thoughts on the cancellation of LIVE FROM HERE


Several years ago WoodSongs did a special broadcast for the first time in the grand room of the Kentucky theater. We invited the KRUGER brothers, a wonderful power trio originally from Switzerland and a new trio of young kids that nobody really ever heard of before. The name of the trio was Nickel Creek

The energy behind this young trio, fresh off a gig in a pizza parlor in California, was a teenage mandolin whiz kid name Chris Thile

Always polite, always present in the moment, always sharp and attentive. And when he picked up his instrument, always brilliant.

Having done over 1000 WoodSongs broadcasts I cannot tell you how deeply I appreciate the intense responsibility Chris took on trying to fill the shoes of the biggest broadcast on public radio

In between all that he was on tour, he has a wife and children, he’s writing songs and recording new projects. The energy level was more than admirable, it was breathtaking.

When you make a commitment, when you make a promise, when you devote precious years of your life to continue somebody else’s dream when you have your own dreams to work on as well … It hurts when that ends. It causes genuine pain when it ends for reasons not of your own doing.

My heart goes out to Chris, I’m sure it was not easy getting that phone call telling him that the show was being canceled. But he has absolutely nothing to feel bad about, he stepped into one of the most difficult rolls in the history of public radio and he did a great job

From the Log Cabin here at my home in Kentucky, a standing ovation for Chris Thile wishing him all the best on whatever new journey he travels.

I am sure it will be great.