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SUBMISSIONS for WoodSongs (read this first):

Dear Fellow Artists:

I created the WoodSongs broadcast to celebrate the music we all love. It is a multi-media “front porch.” Artists are chosen to be on our stage because they are good. End of story. Fame, who you know, commercial success or even lack-there-of mean nothing. I say it often on the show and I mean it:  “You don’t have to be Famous to be on WoodSongs, you just have to be Good.”

Please consider:

WOODSONGS IS NOT A CONCERT. It is a multi-format radio broadcast filmed for public television in a beautiful theater. The four songs you play in the broadcast need to be about 3 1/2 minutes long so both artists can have equal performance time. No … you can’t play your 7 minute epic and only play only three songs instead. Broadcasting doesn’t work that way.

WOODSONGS IS VOLUNTEER RUN … Let me be really clear: I don’t get anything for doing this, our Chief Engineer Jerome Gallt, the TV directors, stage hands … even the hotel and restaurants that support you when you come to Lexington … are all volunteers. You will be introducing your music and your art to over 2,000,000 radio listeners on 500+ radio stations, American Forces Radio Network in 177 nations and every military base in the world plus over 68M USA TV homes on public television across north America and 54M USA TV homes of RFD-TV.

The pile of artists who want to be on the show is huge, so here are some useful tips:

FIRST tip: when submitting please consider what we are dealing with as regards a national broadcast. You’ve recorded a new CD and that’s great. But do you have a story to tell yet? Are you on tour? You might be a musical hero in your hometown but will you be interesting to radio listeners in Australia and Ireland … or PBS viewers in Austin and Alaska? It doesn’t matter to me if you are on a label or how many albums you’ve sold. That’s not the point. What does matter is how the audience will feel about the whole package. WoodSongs needs more than “… you made a new album.” And please be very patient. Literally hundreds of artists submit their music but we only have two slots a week. We never, ever mean to ignore or hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s a delicate balancing act to do something like this, and we really appreciate those who trust us to do the right thing for the broadcast.MJ_2015a

SECOND tip: follow the instructions on this submissions page … don’t cheat. If you email, Facebook, Twitter or cyber us it will get lost among a thousand other emails this week. If you hand me your CD when I’m on the road, it will probably get misplaced. Follow the instructions below and your music will get a hearing ear.

THIRD tip: if we are friends your odds of getting on the show are no greater or implied than someone I don’t know. I decided a long time that the show comes first and 100% fairness will be the rule we run by.

IF YOU ARE LOCAL: I love you, love you, love you, love you … but remember, you are competing with Tommy Emmanuel, the Indigo Girls, Bobby Rush, Chris Thile, Victor Wooten, The Mavericks, Jewel, Bela Fleck and others. Get good. Be patient … and don’t get mad at me.

So thanks to all my fellow songwriters and artists for trusting WoodSongs. Our intentions are always good and we look forward to hearing from you.

Folk On!

Michael Johnathon
folksinger – SongFarmer, tree hugger & fellow road warrior

Are you about to appear on Woodsongs?

LINK TO OUR WEB PAGE and send an email to your friends, family and fan base … like this one:

Dear Fans and Friends,

We are taping the worldwide broadcast of the WOODSONGS OLD-TIME RADIO HOUR on (___date___). This live audience program airs on 500+ radio stations, public TV nationwide, and American Forces Radio around the globe. You can watch the entire production plus encore performances live-as-it-happens on YouTube via … Visit to find out about the show. We hope you join us on the national broadcast taping of WoodSongs!

How to submit your material

Mail (yes, mail) TWO CDs (no email attachments, links, Facebook and especially don’t pitch Michael directly) with a small press kit with a brief cover letter to:

attn: submissions
PO Box 200 Lexington KY 40588

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Please be patient, it may take a while for us to respond but we promise that your package will be reviewed and considered seriously.

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