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The WFPA mission statement is: To gather the global community of front porch minded musicians and help then do good work, bring roots music education into schools free of charge, and enhance communities by redirecting the tremendous energies of local musicians.

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of Arts.”  Henry David Thoreau



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Pursuing Art and not Business is the best Business for the Arts.

The WoodSongs Front Porch Association in partnership with the University of Kentucky has launched a global, grassroots list serve to encourage conversation among the artists, writers, and dreamers who are the SongFarmers. Sign up for the FREE SongFarmers-L international list serve and be part of the front porch conversation. Meet fellow musicians and music lovers from around the world, who play for the love of music and community. Discuss art, dreams, writing, community building, music, instruments, songs, projects, … bluegrass, folk, old time, blues and more all welcome. The list will NOT participate in religious, political, sexual, holiday, bigoted or demeaning conversation threads.  It’s FREE to join … your email address is not shared or sold … and you do not have to be a member of the WFPA. 

To subscribe to SongFarmers-L:

a) send an email TO: LISTSERV@lsv.uky.edu with the SUBJECT HEADING of: Subscribe

b) In the BODY of the same email type: subscribe SongFarmers-L (your name) … example: “subscribe SongFarmers-L   John Doe

c) AFTER YOU REGISTER: When you want to post to the group, just send an email to SongFarmers-L@lsv.uky.edu

That’s it!


NEW! Start a hometown SongFarmers Music Chapter!

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s FREE and we will help you. This is a non-ticketed community jam that you organize at a local club, barn, front porch or school. Invite friends, kids, pickers and fellow SongFarmers. CLICK HERE for the printable one page PDF



Don’t miss the 2022 Gathering of WFPA SongFarmers!


MMMEMBERbuttonembership is only $25 a year for a family or band up to 5 people and includes FREE TICKETS to the WoodSongs Gathering … really! WS Partners get a discount, click here


The WFPA is different because we are not a trade organization. The main goal of the WFPA is to spread the music and spirit of the Front Porch into schools and communities around the World. “The WoodSongs Gathering” is the yearly conference and music festival where members can play their music, showcase and learn to share their skills in their own hometowns in an effective, meaningful way. Your small membership to the WFPA supports artists and the art form, but also supports the CLASSROOM projects as well. Step off the treadmill and back onto the Front Porch, join the WFPA and learn to become a Song Farmer and help restore the simple love of music back into your hometown, schools … and on front porches around the world.



QUESTIONS? Email WFPA@woodsongs.com, or CALL 859-255-5700 M-F 10-5PM EDT





The GATHERING is our yearly festival and conference for WFPA members. Imagine an international gathering of musicians, artists, writers, poets, families and fans in a rustic autumn setting setting to share their music, stories, experiences and wisdom. Workshops, log cabin lectures, front porch children stages, music lessons and major concert showcases will be part of the two day Gathering.




MUSICIANS bring your instruments… ARTISTS bring your easels!






WFPA Membership for 2 people: $25 per year (honest … for all five just $25 that includes showcasing … yeah, yeah … we know. Pretty good deal, right?)


OR copy-and-paste the information below and email to WFPA@woodsongs.com

DOWNLOAD Membership Form PDF Membership Form

CALL it in to 859-255-5700 M-F 10-5PM EDT

Download, Print and Mail the PDF form with a check payable to: WoodSongs – WFPA PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588
Questions? email WFPA@woodsongs.com

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Founding members of the WFPA Spirit Keepers creative board include:

Michael Johnathon: folksinger and producer of the WoodSongs broadcast

Rik Palieri: Vermont folksinger and author

Doug Oines: President of the American Nyckelharpa Association

Dr. Ron Pen: Director of the John Jacob Niles Center for American Music (University of Kentucky)

Loretta Sawyer: Chicago publicist, roots agent and author

Kari Estrin: Founding President/SERFA – Kari Estrin Management & Consulting

Josh Dunson: agent, journalist-author, social activist and creative force behind Real People’’s Music for 40 years.